An aching heart.

I love Christmas! Maybe I should write that again just to make sure this is clear. I love Christmas! From seeing my family to the birth of Christ, Christmas is def. my favourite time of the year. Ever since I was a little girl I would race downstairs and see what Santa had in store for me that year. Christmas has always brought a joy in my life. I love to celebrate Christmas and love the thrill that it brings!

But this afternoon my heart aches for so many precious people that tonight and tomorrow are just another day. These people won't know if they will live to see the next day; nor what it holds. For me my night is all planned out. From church service to playing cards with the family, opening our novels before bedtime to putting out cookies and milk, (even though I'm 18) the night is simply magical. But for too many tonight is just another night. For over 27 million slaves in our world right now, its another reminder that they have no control. For the millions of girls in the sex trade they know that tomorrow will be like any other day: being raped and sold, time and time again. Throughout all the busiest that Christmas brings, I'm taking this half hour to pray and remember these precious children, adults and elderly all around the world that won't be able to celebrate the birth of the Saviour. I pray so dearly that I would learn to think less of myself and more of others. I believe in the power of prayer and I hope my prayer touches the life of someone tonight. That maybe tonight one girl trapped in the sex trade won't be rapped and can try to sleep for more than a few hours.
I hope that my attitude will reflect nothing that is selfish this Christmas but only a selfless heart. There are so many people in our own community that needs someone to love on them. We all have gifts. We all have things we are good at and the Lord really wants to use us to reach the hurting. I realize that every Christmas, millions of people will not celebrate it, but I have a goal that I can touch lives through Christ throughout the year so that Christmas 2011 there will be a few more smiling and rejoicing.

So to all the ones that are hurting right now, know i'm praying for you and that the maker of the universe loves you.

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