If we are the body

A familiar song by Casting Crowns has recently taken a fresh to my heart.
It's called if we are the body and it questions what Christ's body is doing in the church and the world today. To be honest I think I heard this song over a hundred times but this afternoon the Lord used this piece of music to go deeper in my heart. God really questioned me on what I was doing to glorify his Kingdom? So often I tell myself that I'm doing 'ok' in my relationship with the Lord and with others. So often I focus on the 'important' things in my life that really serve no significance at all.
This song opened my eyes once again, to the pain that so many experience on a daily basis and made me question once again what I am doing about it. This song also challenges to church, a place that should resemble Christ and asks if we are truly showing Christ.

This afternoon I have been asked why aren't his arms reaching and his hands healing? I encourage you to check out this song and let the words ring in your soul. If you've heard this song before I pray that this song will ring afresh in your heart. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAWeHo8E70E

With love.

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