In love with love

9 textbooks spread across the kitchen table on a Friday night. Trying to master the concept of self-awareness but barley getting anywhere when my fingers stumbled onto Clayton Austin's work. I find myself once again going through my favourite artists blogs, reading their thoughts and looking at their magical work. As the textbooks lay open but unread, my heart once again travels to one of my favourite places.
The feeling of love. I'm not in love, nor do I plan to be for a long time but looking at pictures and reading stories my thoughts wander to when I will be in love.
 Every word I read and every picture I admire from each couple is different; so unique. It tells their story and their love, no one elses. It's amazing to see a glimpse of potentially the  most wonderful feeling in the world. I really can't wait to experience it more myself. I've had a taste of loving a lot of people but to really be in love, to get married- I wonder what it will be like.
I have most of my wedding planned out, things that I want and what I don't, but after spending 2 hours embracing other couples love, I can't help but think about the time when I will get to experience it. The excitement is almost to much to bear already. I can't wait to wake up with morning kisses from my best friend and husband; or help make a candle light dinner together just because were in love.

I know my time will come and I'm perfectly alright with being patient until the right man comes into my life to take that place but a girl can dream right.

Having mono has left me sleeping a lot and lying in my bed thinking. I love a great love story. I'm a hopeless romantic and i'm def. in love with love.

Can't wait to be romanced by my future husband where ever he is- but for now I'll marvel over couples who found it, who love and aren't afraid to love and I'll go back to checking out Clayton Austin's work..
Check him out too:)http://claytonaustinlovestories.com/blog

much love


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