You Didn't Have a Choice

Today in our democratic society we have a lot of freedoms. We pride ourselves that we get to make choices and have the freedom to decide what we want to decide. 

However, we can't decide which country we were born in. We can't decide who are parents and siblings are going to be. We can't decide if we would be born into a life of poverty or wealth. A life of AIDS or health. Thats a choice that we didn't have. .

So what makes us feel more superior than others? What makes us feel that we can use more resources than needed because we have that choice? What makes me any different from the 18 year-old-girl living in the sex trade being raped every day? 

People say they care, but I am so frustrated on everyone saying they care and no one doing anything. You didn't have a choice on being born into a wealthy country, so stop acting like you deserve it and that you can use whatever resources you like. ( I am speaking to myself on this issue as well)

The first step is educating yourself. This site is marvellous and it puts into perspective just how blessed we really are. Check it out!

Than make practical decisions on living out just how blessed you are!


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