Info on my SALT trip to South Africa!

What a Wonderful God we Serve! Info on my trip:)

This is REALLY happening!  I can't believe it!
 As i'm writing this, I know for a fact that this trip hasn't set in yet.
I have felt the Lord's calling to serve overseas for a long time. 

My heart has been on loving those that society has forgotten for so long
 and I'm just so thankful that God has opened this door for me. 
In December I had no clue that this would be happening but God loves
 us and has incredible plans for our lives.

These posts will be an in for you to keep a tab on me while i'm in 

South Africa for 11 months! 
They will prob. include spelling mistakes and a lot of grammatical
 errors but I will write what's on my heart, show you pictures, 
and vlog (video blog hopefully!)  to keep you updated cuz you all mean SO much to me!

So lets get started:)
Heres the top 10 things you should know right now!

1) I leave August 11th and fly to Akron PA for a week of training-

 than I fly straight from there to Johannesburg- where I will be picked 
up and than heading my way to Pietermaritzburg-
 where I will be living for 11 months!

2) I fly home the last week of July 2012 back to PA for a reflection

 on my journey and than back home to Canada!

3) While living in South Africa I will be a "mom" to 10-15 beautiful, precious girls. 

These girls range from kindergarten age to grade 7. 
These girls are very vulnerable (whether it's sex trade, AIDS, violence in the family etc)
 and wouldn't be able to attend school without this boarding house.
 I will be living with these girls and a "house mom" (who will cook and clean.. phew!! ) 
and I HAVE MY OWN ROOM! WAHOO! I will be responsible for being 
a role model and mentor to these girls (start praying for me now!)

4) In the mornings I will walk the girls to school and than help

 out in their school called Gateway Christian School. I will help out with the
 little ones and also help the Librarian during the day. However the main
 job for me at this school is to be a gym teacher! How wonderful!
 I get to teach gym to 350 children. The goal is to empower these
 girls to be active and learn to play sports. There is a stigma that
 boys have a right to play sports and girls don't. A difficult task I will
 encounter is trying to empowering these girls and to teach the boys
 that girls are equal and have rights. What a challenge for a white Canadian girl!

5) On weekends I get to travel, visit and live with other families

 to help learn the culture and help out in communities with anything they need!

6) I will be by myself- but I have a couple that I will visit often

 and check in with to make sure I'm doing alright.

7) The school is taught in English, but I will need to learn

 their language as well which is Zulu

8) I am going with MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) 

on a program called SALT (serving and learning together)

9)Pietermaritzburg is a large city with approx. 600 000 people- 

there is a HUGE gap between the rich and poor

10) I am so excited and nervous to be going on this trip- please pray for me.

Thats a bit of info on my trip.
Thanks for reading.


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