The power of reading a letter- one that you wrote a few months ago can be life changing.

I counselled 12, 13 and 14 year old girls this summer at a camp called Conestoga Bible Camp. God showed up huge this summer and these girls really experienced God's love! I didn't want this to end so I ended up having them pen their thoughts- A Letter to Themselves. They wrote down things they didn't want to forget and things that God had taught them and things they learnt.

I got this idea from my counsellors from Joy Bible Camp a few years ago and receiving the letter months later I realized just how powerful these really could be!

I waited until this week to send them out to my girls- 6 months after they were written! I'm so excited for the girls you read their letters and have the letters take them back on their journey up at camp. This letter also lets them keep in check with themselves- see where they were and if they grew in their walk or not. Maybe give them some inspiration to keep on walking the narrow path but a path that leads to eternity with our creator.

Challenge for you all! Write a letter to yourself- write what your going through- the good bad and just plain ugly. Seal it and date it six months from now and put it in one of your dresser drawers (or a place you won't forget). Than in 6 months open it up and remark on it! I hope will be powerful to you. If you don't believe me, take the challenge and write yourself a letter.


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