Set Apart

So this morning I posted about human trafficking and what girls have to go through on a daily basis. I was so upset and I took it to the Lord. He whispered once more that he loves me, thinks I'm beautiful and he has set me apart for purpose. Purpose to help these girls and spread the word about it- but also purpose to know I'm loved and to live it out.

Funny how an hour later I stumbled upon Leslie Ludy's website about being Set Apart. This online magazine has encouraged me so much and refreshed me for the rest of the day.
If you have a moment please check out this website, its incredible   http://setapartgirl.com/home.html

Yes, there are atrocities going on and things that NEED to be discussed about- but we need to live out how blessed we are, and for me that starts with knowing I'm loved by the King and than acting like it.

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