Desire to be educated

This past month I have been reading a lot about the issues of women and what they are going through today. (I get to work with 10-15 girls in August!)
 There has been so much chaos at our school with racism against females and I will be travelling to South Africa fairly soon in a country where rape is the norm. I need to be educated.

I keep renting out these books because I want to be educated and I believe that in order to be fully used you need to become educated on the issue. Book after book my hearts breaks for these women who get raped every day and and are slaves today. I have a passion to help and through that education is key- even if tears are streaming down my face and I am angry afterwards.

(The stack of books I am reading right now)

This morning in my quiet time, God really spoke to me about my preparations for Africa. He reminded me that I was right. (which is knew to me! ) It is so important to be educated (and read all those books) in order to be fully used.

But God wasn't done there. I keep telling God that I want to be fully used and do great things in his name. A common prayer is that I want to reach the lost and heal the broken. But how many times do I pick up the book of life to get prepared to be fully used? How often do I long to read my bible so I can be prepared to serve others and continue to fall in love with God?

If I want to be used by God, I need to continually be educating myself in his word.
What a common but fresh message the Lord spoke to my heart this morning.

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