Romeo Dallaire

It's almost been a week since I heard this incredible man speak and I apologize for not blogging about him sooner! 4 essays and two tests has literally taken up all my time!

Romeo Dallaire has been one of the many people I look up to. There are abundant number of reasons but my main reason for constantly being inspired is the way he stood up. It can be so hard to stand up, go against the grain and live a different lifestyle especially when you are in a different country in a war zone.

When Dallaire was told to evacuate Rwanda like the rest of the world- he said no. When he talked last Friday he said there is a difference sometimes between following the law and living morally. This was a huge inspiration to me because I get so scared sometimes and I don't stand up- I follow the crowd and live a lifestyle that really isn't inspiring.

I was inspired and amazed on Friday. I still get shivers just thinking about how everyday people have the ability to stand up and make a difference.

I have 3 pages of notes that I took while he spoke but I'll narrow it down to a few of my favourite points!

  • When he started talking he said that he wanted to make us feel uncomfortable- that was his goal. If we did not feel uncomfortable he didn't do his job because these horrific atrocities should make us feel something. ( I smiled so big at this thought because how many times do speakers want to make their audience "feel good"- Dallaire is real.)
  • "we should be trying to shape the future, rather than survive it"
  • The theme throughout the talk was: are all humans human? Are we all equal? If so than why do we put natural resources and gains over humans time and times again- he gave powerful personal experience while being in Rwanda!
  • We are no different than human beings living in another country- stop acting like you are!
  • 51 million IDP (internationally displaced persons) 16 million refugees worldwide today
  • In the last 20 years only 2 wars were fought face to face with your opponent- new era of war-  a new tactic to instil fear and horror is rape
  • children are the primary weapon of war- 40% being girls
  • Major problem: we have these rules, laws, human rights but the opposition aren't playing by the rules
  • Solutions to stop the rage: (his list) #1 Empowerment of women #2 Education of children              # 3 Mutual respect vs tolerance #4 Responsibility to protect
He is an amazing man who acted  in a positive way!
What are you doing to stand up? & do you believe all humans are human? - If so, are you living that way? (huge challenge for me! )

here's a few more pics of the evening!

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  1. There is a book called Becoming Human written by Jean Vanier.
    I think you would enjoy it! Tell me if you want to borrow it.


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