Slam Poetry Anyone?

On March 21 I had the privilege of taking a study break and seeing Carlos Andres Gomez preform some slam poetry at WLU with a friend Jake.

We weren't really sure what to expect and this was my first take at slam poetry. When we walked in this is what it looked like!
Packed Full!

This got me so excited to hear him speak! I'm not sure I would have been a fan of other slam poetry had it not been that his poems were reflecting what March 21st is.

For those of you who are still scratching your head I'll save you from the embarrassment of not knowing! March 21st marks the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. As noted before, I love talks, discussions, debates etc about these topics so hey!- I could tackle slam poetry too.

Gomez is from New York City and was incredible! One of the things that describes his work is intimate. When the MC first introduced him with that word I was extremely puzzled but shortly after when he talked about the Rwanda Genocide or the way he describe someone in New York getting shot 40 times on no grounds- i realized what he meant. It was intimate. I was right there with Gomez and he made me feel emotions and bring out such a raw and vulnerable feeling after each act. Although this may sound "weird" it was actually amazing. I believe so strongly in the power of peoples words and he definitely used his words and his talent of poetry to connect with the audience, teach us something and make a lasting impression.

O and can I add that he wasn't bad to look at either!

Carlos shared 12 poems! Titles of the poems ranged from: Hand-stich (looking at homosexuality), Distinctly Beautiful (making his grade 7 girls write this and believe it before they left the class), Save Africa ("I did not go to save Africa but to humbly observe, so one day Africa can save me"), Never Again (what people said after Rwanda) and the list goes on!

At the end of his show he was open to talking to people and getting to know us more! Jake and I pounced on the opportunity to get a picture with him and tell him just how blessed we were to hear him speak! However the funny part is- my camera's flash was turned off and Jakes camera went out of focus so basically the pictures suck!

So here is the average picture of Carlos Andres Gomez

I learnt a lot that night and I'm pretty sure I'll be searching out more slam poetry nights in the future!

Have an AWESOME weekend everyone!


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