Day 15

So far I have worn the same grey t-shirt for fifteen days! Hurray!

This exciting and challenging experience has taught me more than I thought.

First, I am excited to put on the same shirt every day. I thought it would be really difficult however the conversations that have started from me wearing this shirt has been so encouraging and so fun. I have been able to talk about sweat shops, wants and needs and our North American culture more than I would have imaged. People are interested and inspired which is the whole purpose of this shirt challenge so I'm thrilled!

I have picked up on people's language! This part has made me very discouraged because the way the majority of people talk about what they have is disgusting. We are the richest people in the world and yet I constantly hear "I don't have anything to wear," "I'm so broke and have no money." "I NEED this - I NEED that etc." These comments have been eye-opening because they are all FALSE. People take so much for granted (including me) and it is very frustrating. This shirt challenge has opened my eyes to see how selfish and self centred some people are.

Third lesson: Thankfulness. This shirt challenge has taught me to be thankful. Thankful that I have a shirt. Thankful that I get to educate myself and others about very important issues.
This challenge has made me more thankful in general and I'm so blessed and humbled by this experience.

Only 45 days left!

Here are a few pics of the grey tee;)

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