Today I am just so excited to tell you that I have reached day 30 of my t-shirt challenge. April 26 marks the half way point of my 60 day challenge (which is today!)

Here's a few remarks and reflections that I am feeling at the half way point:

 I miss my clothes! Although accessorizing has been so fun with a t-shirt at the same time there is so many awesome tops that I wish I could buy/wear. It's spring time and the warmer weather is coming and I wish I could wear some summer dresses! This brought me to a very humbling reflection on Good Friday. I was getting ready for work and I am encouraged to look "nice" on holidays at the restaurant. I could have worn the cutest outfits but I found such a hard time trying to come up with something that would work. Nothing that morning looked nice with a grey tee. I ended up being very frustrated over something so little as "looking nice." The Lord spoke straight to my heart and made me think about how people with one shirt "look nice." They sleep in that shirt, do chores, sweat, get it wet in the rain etc.- What happens when they want to look nice? Here I still have my closet full of clothes and jewellery to make an outfit look nice. I instantly felt so selfish of complaining and even fretting about not knowing what to wear.

During work I thought and prayed once again that the Lord would continue to humble me in such a selfish and self centred world that I live in. That he would mould my heart to be more like his and give me his eyes to the see more of the injustice around the world and ways I could help right here in Elmira. My heart is helping people and the biggest lesson I've learnt from this challenge so far is that all this "stuff" is hindering me from being closer to Christ.

I have been realizing more and more how our North American society is structured. We have tv shows called "what not to wear" and a cosmetic industry making billions of dollars for us to "look good, hot, sexy, presentable." Magazines flood the racks with how to look beautiful, get the right guy, look sexy this summer etc. Is this really something I need to be consumed with?

In my quiet time with God that day he led me to 1 Peter 1:1 which says:
"Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, To those who reside as aliens, scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia, who are chose"

God totally spoke to my heart and the word "aliens" jumped right off the page. Peter is writing to people who follow Christ and he calls them aliens- why? Because they don't "fit in" with society and what society is looking for. If I am a follower of Christ I should look at those "what not to wear" tv shows and feel like an alien. I should feel that I don't fit in- because those are things just not of Christ.

I just love how God uses his living word to speak to our hearts directly- all the time.

I am excited to go for another thirty days in my t-shirt challenge and have God transform me more and more into an alien of this world!

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