Starting to Sink In

Today I got my first shot!
Lets just say I didn't even feel pain and the shot didn't have any side effects so that was a blessing! Mom and I went to the doctors and had him fill out  A LOT (did i stress a lot enough- if not, A LOT!!) of paper work and forms. Applying for a work permit visa for South Africa has been a stressful process- one which I have tried to avoid however it feels really good to get a few things done today! I also got a chest x-ray done and  tomorrow I'm off to sit in the waiting room for a few hours while getting my blood taken and the rest of my check up complete!

It has been a very busy day preparing for South Africa but for the first time since I accepted my work placement it actually feels like this trip could become a reality. In just over 2 months I will be gone from the country for a year but that part hasn't sunk in at all. I'm wondering when it will- or if it ever will until I have my suitcase in hand hugging my parents goodbye at the airport.

I know that the Lord has called me to go and I am really excited because I know he is preparing my heart already- I already love the girls I get to live with and I don't even know their names!! But I'm having a really hard time these past few weeks accepting that I am leaving. A part of me feels that I should just call off this trip- accept courses in the fall and continue living comfortably. I know this is me being honest with the internet world but I am so scared to leave my comfortable life. I have such a burning passion to empower these girls and make a difference in the world- but at times I am so scared. I hate admitting that but leaving everything I know, everything that is safe to me is scary. I am not going with another person or meeting up with people I know. I am forced to be on my own in a new country with a total new culture. I know God calls us to the ends of the earth and I only want to do what the Lord wants, but I guess I'm not sure if I can handle that! I'm starting to realize that there will be so many unknowns in this next year and that scares me! Who knew my first shot could make me feel all of this?!

If your reading this please pray that I continue to trust in God and that I am bold enough to go into a foreign country by myself and share/show God's love.

On an exciting note I want to give you a glimpse of my HUGE room ( it's not a for sure- but one of the options) of where I will be living next year in SA!

Super exciting huh! (Susie is there now, whom I will replace in August!)

And since this trip is starting to sink more I thought I would share a picture of some of the school children at Project Gateway. All the kids you see in this picture (plus another 300) I will teach in just over 2 months- unreal!

I'm scared, but I'm excited to do the will of God - and really what is better than that? Plus who doesn't love these adorable kids!


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