Taking Action

A common question to ask a University student is their major. This past year I have had to tell a lot of people that I am studying Peace and Conflict Studies and Women's Studies. I've seen a lot of different reactions starting with "what is that" to "you can't do anything with that degree." These statements have left me more determined to prove them wrong and determined that women can change the world and I personally believe one of the main ways to break the cycle of poverty.

I had the absolute privileged of taking a class that looked at different peace movements in the past and what worked/what didn't. One lecture we looked at Nobel Peace Prize Winners and discovered many of the causes and what was classified as "peace." 

Most people feel peace is doves and rainbows and it's hard to sometimes break that cycle of thought. Peace to me is action. It's empowering people to sustain themselves. When I came across this TED talk by Jody Williams a former peace prize winner I was inspired that she talked about peace correlating  with action. 

I can't wait for you to watch this video and for you to think about what peace means to you. I think it's a valid question that one should take time to think about. I posted the TED talk video of Jody talking and I encourage you to listen to it!

Ps. All the peace prize winners she talks about in this film I knew already (the year they won and what for). Yes, my university class is helping me and very educational. 

I can't wait to help empower and change the world!

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