SA providing precious opportunities!

I've made another step in the right direction for my trip!
My x-rays came back and my blood work is in! A radiologist has signed off saying I'm healthy and I'm almost ready to submit my work visa so that I can finally say its 100% (not 99%) official that I am going to South Africa!

The Lord has already been developing such a passion in my heart to serve these girls and the children at the school, and I am so blessed by that. As many of you know I am a server at a restaurant that mostly serves elderly. On occasion I will get a table that wants to tell me their whole life story and talk forever while I know I have 4 other tables waiting on me. Yesterday however this one table overheard the sweetest elderly women as I told her I was leaving to go to South Africa. This couple waited until I only had 2 tables left and than told me they overheard my earlier conversation and wanted to know everything about my trip! It was awesome to see people interested in what I'm doing- even if they are complete strangers!! I started sharing about my job while in SA (they asked so many questions!) but than all I could think about is this is what the Lord had called me to do and I needed to share that with this couple.

Romans 1:16 immediately came into my head. "I am not ashamed of the gospel..." I was worried whether I would get to good tip or offend this wonderful couple if I started talking about the Lord and how I felt this was something he called me to do. Than Matthew 10:20 came into my mind (all while I'm standing at this table) which says "for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of the Father speaking through you."

Don't you just love the word and how it speaks directly to our situations! I just have to praise Jesus for that because scripture is the only thing that gets me through sometimes. God is just so good!

I ended up letting the Holy Spirit speak through me and talking to this couple about my love for the Lord and how that is the driving force and only reason that I am going on this trip. They weren't Christians but the lady at the end of our chat said "God bless you, I'm sure he's happy your following him." I know I will never see this couple again but I am so blessed that I got to share my love for the Lord with them and that God gave me this opportunity to talk about him by talking about my trip. I am just so thankful that I serve a God who is active and living and who wants to use me and love on me.

I hope this inspires you to speak boldly about the Lord and know that the Holy Spirit is right their guiding you and speaking through you. I know I am not bold (I even questioned telling a couple I will never see again about the Lord) but I know that I want to become more bold. The disciples prayed for boldness to share the gospel and I believe that is something that should be in our daily prayer walk with the Lord.

I am so blessed you are reading this and I pray the Lord uses my life more to bless others. I am just very thankful that the Lord  uses screwed up people like me to bring glory to his Kingdom and he used that through my trip to South Africa.

Have an amazing day!


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