South Africa Thoughts!

Hey All!

So today has been a crazy day. It started out with going to the beach with Stephanie! What a wonderful blessing it was to 1) go to the beach and get sun but 2) hang out with one of my best friends and dear sisters of the faith. Stephanie is leaving on Sunday to Sudan for a few weeks to do missions work with International Teams. I am so excited for her! Steph being excited has made my trip and experience become so real.

On the ride home tonight from the beach I think it finally hit me how real South Africa is. I am going. Up until tonight I haven't really accepted that fact. I don't commit to anything this huge and I guess a part of me thought I wouldn't go. With this realization it has lead to me become terrified of going. I guess a panic has set in. I know in my heart and head (finally) that this trip is happening but from that realization has brought up another thing to work through. BEING SCARED. If we are God's children he calls us to not be afraid and to not worry. I so want to come to a place of peace about leaving my friends, family and comfortable lifestyle and venture out into an unknown world. I have full knowledge that if I fully let the Lord take control of ambitions hopes and fears I will not be disappointed but to be honest it is a very scary thought.

I know I have blogged about being scared before and having the trip set in but these are things that I am really trying to work through! Preparing to leave has been so much harder than I would have ever dreamed of!

Guess I should get back to making my packing lists! Here's a pic of what I've got so far.

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