Summer Parties!

I am just loving this summer weather and I am loving planning and attending parties. I got to plan a going away party and boy did I love it! It was my first time planning a party so I was terrible but I can only improve.

Here are a few pics from planning Steph's party to attending my future cousin in law bridal showers!

 Backyard setting:) I got the big table from my dad's work!

 Table which would soon be filled with food and drinks.

 This is not meant to be fancy but just some treats that I love

 I made a flag for Stephanie and the girls ended up signing the flag for her to take with positive thoughts and messages
 I got this idea off of a wedding blog. I asked the members of the party to bring a short note of encouragement for Steph and got this cute woven basket to put them in. Yes I coloured in the bubble and block letters- not very professional but still a lot of fun

 The best punch ever- so easy and simple. Frozen Strawberries + peach juice + gingerale + fresh blackberries = wonderful and refreshing.

 Notes of Love for Steph- I think that turned out so well

With tea we had angel food cake, fresh strawberries and kiwi and whipped cream.. mmmm.. delicious!

These are pics from the shower I attended on June 12

 Who doesn't love a fruit tray that looks like this?

 Presents for Natalie!

 Gift Bags for the members of the bridal shower.

Brunch is served! Hurray!
Girl Cousins

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