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So i'm starting to get to hang of this whole "blog thing."
I always have spelling mistakes, my pictures aren't great and the general feel of my blog definitely needs to be updated in the near future.

But I love that I can vent and write whatever thoughts are consuming my mind that week. It's one of my favourite things to hear people say that they connected with a blog post. I even love it when people say that they are reading my blog.

My whole inspiration for blogging came from a few things.
1) I love to journal
2) I'm leaving for a year and want to connect with family and friends back at home
3) I LOVE reading other people's blogs. From fashion tips to sex trafficking and women's rights.

So this blog post I'm dedicating to other blogs. Blogs that I love and read daily.

These blogs have something to do with my greatest and deepest passion: social justice. 

1) Hope for the Sold

Michelle Brock is the author of this awesome blog. She is pictured here with her husband Jay and author Benjamin Perrin who wrote Invisible Chains.
This blog is focused on education about sex trafficking and exploitation of women. I have met Michelle and she is incredible! Her passion to serve is amazing. I learn so much about the sex trade through this blog.

2) Nicholas D. Kristof

If you haven't heard of him you must check out his blog. He writes for the New York Times and travels the world. He wrote my favourite book to date which is called Half the Sky.

He writes on current and relevant issues going on today in the world. His blog inspires me to be better and encourages me to fight for justice. I encourage you to read his book or check out his blog. You will not be disappointed- I never am!

3) Saskia

I maybe love this blog so much because she is fighting human trafficking in South Africa and if you aren't aware I'm heading to South Africa in 33 days!!!

She is honest and real. Who doesn't love that?

There are many more blogs that I love to read but this is a good start.
I hope you have an awesome weekend.


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