Summertime Love.

I've been having a difficult time trying to balance out my two passions in my life. My main passion is helping others and raising awareness on social justice issues. More specifically my heart is to educate myself and others about the sex trade and take action about it. Hence why I'm leaving for South Africa!

My other love in life has to do with planning parties, weddings, and fashion! I posted earlier this month about some of my favourite blogs dealing with social justice however I have many diy + wedding blogs that I follow daily as well! I stumbled upon a Beautiful Mess http://www.abeautifulmess.typepad.com/ blog a few months ago and just LOVE it. Elise blogs every day, mostly about her love for vintage! She owns her own boutique and is a fashion designer. One thing that she does it takes pictures of parts of her favourite day- this has been contagious as I have started taking pictures of everyday simple activities!

I only have a few more weeks of summer left before I leave! I love sitting out on my front porch and writing. It's honestly one of my favourite things to do. Today I decided to drink pink lemonade and added blackberries for a super awesome taste.

My summer essentials have been:
1) Something super tasty to drink
2) Def. sunglasses are a must!
3)I love pink lipgloss in the summer
4) Super cute wedges that don't break the bank (Target) and after walking in them for a full day still don't hurt my feet- hurray!
4) & of course, my journal- where I write about everything!

I hope your enjoying your summer as well!

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