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Hey Lovelies!   ( <-- my new fav. word)

I was going to take the time and blog tonight but it's 11:50 now and I need to sleep.. so here is just the boring update on whats been going on so you stay informed! I prob. won't be able to blog much after tomorrow (keep reading for explanation) so I wanted to just quick update you.

Friday during the day I went to a traditional Zulu Village. 4.5 million people still live in huts and live without electricity/water etc. It was such an eye opening experience to see the way these people dress and get on with day to day life. I was fascinated- I even helped the Zulu momma clean the floors... how they clean the floor you might ask? - Cow dung = poop!

Friday evening was spent learning and hearing about spiritual warfare in Africa and what we can expect. My mind was racing with thoughts and questions and the Lord has been doing a work in my heart on this area so I hope to share thoughts with you soon- I've been writing down a bunch of things to remember in my journal..

Today/Sunday/Monday morning is a spiritual retreat. Basically asking super hard questions about our lives and really laying everything out on the line before God and owning up to it before we start our year of service. It's been hard but so rewarding already. God really does want to use his children and has called us to something so much better than anything this life has to offer. It's been refreshing knowing that when I wake up God is already thinking about me and can't wait to just spend the day with me! It has been very encouraging.

I will write more tomorrow with things I've learnt and than that might be my last blog post in a while... why you might ask?


this means that I get to meet my girls and not live out of a suitcase! YES YES YES - can you tell I'm excited. than I start school on Tuesday morning! Hello school life in South Africa!!

While I'm staying at the boarding house I will not have internet.. and I live at the boarding house.. so I'll have to figure out when/where I can get internet access... but don't worry - as soon as I do I will def. update you all and show you pictures of my life for the year!

maybe even a video blog for you to meet some of the girls. Wouldn't that be great? Let me know your thoughts on this

Anyways this turned into a pretty lengthily blog- goodness I love to talk/type.

2 Shout-outs before I leave you!

1) Happy Wedding Day to Kevin and Natalie! They got hitched today! Wahoo!! I have a new cousin!! (overload of "!!!":)  )

2) It's my 19th birthday in 6 days.

much love.

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