SALT & IVEP 2011-2012

I hope to take time throughout my journey to reflect. This week alone has been very difficult to spend "maddie time" and just bask in the presence of God. This is something that I know I will need and I'm looking forward to seeing how my "maddie time" will evolve. One of the reasons I love to blog is that it lets me reflect and take time to realize what's going on in my life. 

Orientation week was amazing. Words really can't describe the love I have felt being here. I've learnt so much about assumptions. I assumed this week would be boring with a constant discussion of policies and what to do in respect to MCC. I couldn't have been more wrong. I made deep friendships and had meaningful conversations. It is so refreshing to have a meaningful conversation! When's the last time you sat down with someone and heard their heart? Ask them what they are passionate about and really listened? I've experience these conversations ten times a day. It's the biggest blessing and something I will miss greatly. 

Tomorrow I travel to Johannesburg South Africa and start a week of orientation in South Africa. Travel time is around 30 hours so please pray for me! I fly out of Washington DC at 5:40 Thursday evening:)  I will hopefully blog quick that I'm there safe so you can all breathe...cough cough*...mom!

Here are some more pictures of my life changing week. 

One great man!

We like to party!

Love my candy

Dance party

Brazil, China, USA & Canada

Diego and me

Albert from Kosovo

My South African besties. We will have a great year

Matt from Alabama. Love the Stash (he shaved it today!!!!!)

African Worship Music

The coolest prayer group

Me (obviously) Gloria and Maria

Another picture of our small group. Countries represented include: Egypt, Cambodia, Colombia, USA, Canada + France

Let the packing continue- trying to get under our 50 pound limit

At our commissioning service before we head out

Traditional Chinese dress.

My house for the week.

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