Happy One Month!

Hey Lovelies! I have officially been here one month! Can you believe it?  I've posted tons of pictures from the start of my month till today. It only took 2.5 hours to upload these so enjoy.
Matt who is going to Zambia! This is the day we all flew out.

Chris and I

Official plan tickets and passports with Shawnti

Our first mini flight together- the start of 26 hours of travel

Starbucks for the last time :(

Learning Zulu on the plane..Sawubona = hello

How women were treated during Apartheid

HIV education

Spiritual Retreat Workshop

Grade R's at my school- so cute!

Crowning Mr. and Mrs. Spring- such a fun day!

This is where I work:)

One of my birthday cakes

Silly boys! these are some of the kids


Monkeys just chillen in my backyard.. if you look closely this monkey is holding a baby

Hanging out with the Zebras

Out for dinner with people with my small group

Part of Pietermaritzburg

so beautiful


  1. Maddie, I can so see you getting those kids to be silly! and lovin`every moment of it! Thanks for sharing! and I can`t believe that it has been a month already...before you know it, you will be back home! Love you lots! Gillian

  2. Ah! I feel like you are realiving what I did last year and then telling me my own thoughts again... so thank you for the reminder! Also, I have been to most of the places in your pictures of meritsberg so that is sweet!! You should try Nando's sometime, it's pretty good! Also, take advantage of mangos! The kids are so so cute and I am so proud of the way that you care so deeply about them just like jesus does. keep letting it penetrate your heart because when God penetrates our hearts, his heart penetrates others to. I'm feeling it, even half way accross the wold, so I can imagine that those kids are feeling it even more then me! Love you! Kaitlin


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