Happy International Day of Peace!

So even though this post is a day late I still thought it was more than appropriate to celebrate late- plus today is even better to celebrate it because I got to take some more pics of the kids:)

So if you're totally out of the loop the UN declared September 21st an international Day of Peace. 

I am such a peace activist and I wanted the kids to get involved in such an exciting day. I have been reminded over and over again that the battles of this world our not ours to fight but the Lord- so what better idea than to pray to peace on peace day!

After the kids finished their homework on Tuesday they had the option of staying in the study room and writing/drawing a prayer for peace in South Africa and around the world. This is the first time I did an activity like this with the kids so I was a tad bit nervous on how it would work out. But the moment I said stickers were involved they all seemed on board! I wish I could type out every poem/prayer and showcase every picture they wrote. It was the cutest and biggest blessing ever to see glimpses of these precious children's heart. They talked about peace in the boarding house but mostly about peace in their families and how they so desired that. 

Here are some pics of them holding up their prayers and artworks.

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