Welcome to my home!

Jared has reminded me that this is "home" for the year and I  better get use to it and start calling it that. My heart needs to be in South Africa so I can fully let God use me and this week has been good for that. So I started snapping some pics of my beautiful HOME and I am so excited to share it with you:)

Ok are you ready for the tour?! Let's get started!

 This is the younger girls room

 This is the other girls room

This is my beautiful huge room that has a weird smell to it always! (even though I've cleaned it a hundred times)
If you were to walk through the front door of the boarding house this is what you would see. To my left is the dinning room and if you keep walking past the staircase on your left you will find the kitchen. Right before the staircase to the right is the study room

This is the dinning room! 17 beautiful children eat here 3 times a day (breaky, snack and dinner)
This is what the kitchen looks like. We have two stoves and two sinks and another fridge in the dinning room (see above picture)
No dishwasher but with 17 kids on dish duty- the dishes get done pretty quickly

This is the outside of the boarding house. This view is taken right when you get passed the gate. Kinda beautiful isn't it?

I love these palm trees in the yard! They always make me smile.

So that is where I live and stay:) I hope you enjoyed your tour.

It is starting to feel like home and I am excited for that.

This week was another great week but I am SO ready for the weekend.

God Bless.



  1. Hey! Thanks for sharing! Now I can picture where you are walking and talking with God and His children! Sweet! :o) Gillian

  2. Oh ya...I forgot, I love the pics on your bedroom wall ... we better be up there! lol Love ya Mads! xoxoxo

  3. Thanks for the tour! Love it! Kaitlin

  4. Hey Maddie,

    Love seeing your home and where you live. It makes praying for you more vivid as we can picture you walking through your new "home" for a year. Love you more than__________. Mom & Dad

  5. I love those pictures Maddie! It really is a beautiful home for those precious children and you to stay in! I love you sooo much sister! xoxo <3


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