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Thank you Aunt Jayne and Uncle Peter! I loved my card and your pictures from the wedding!

I hope you are gearing up to have a lovely weekend! I have plans tonight to go a nice restaurant and listen to live music with some ladies from Project Gateway (the place where I work) I am really excited! Saturday could potentially be a beach day in Durban and it's suppose to be high 30's which would be so fun.

Every day I check my mail box and would love for you to write me! I will try to write back:)

 So here is my address for all of you to send me love.

Madeline Charnuski
c/o Mennonite Central Committee
PO Box 101071 Project Gateway
Scottsville, 3209

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  1. Hi Madeline,
    It is a sunny, Fall day that is cool if you aren't in the sunshine. Mr. Smith and I are at home after a busy week. Our daughter , Julianne had her 4th child, a little girl early Wed. morning. I went at 1:00am to stay with the 3 others and Jens took Julianne to Grand River Hospital. They got registered and checked in and 45 minutes later Kinsley Anne was born. She was 2 days overdue,6lb.8oz.They don't give any supplements until Mom's milk comes in so this tiny girl's weight dropped to 5lb.12oz.They sent her home only having to readmit her the next morning. I stayed until Julianne came home the first time...Today Mom and baby are coming home for the second time.. A busy, exciting week!
    Tomorrow is our first Jr. High S.S. class. We will be praying for you every week. they will be encouraged to log in and read your blog on their own. We'll try and write you too!
    Your group home is SO NICE!!I was surprised that there are only 17 children. (Teaching Grade 2 math shouldn't be too scary with just a few students).
    You sounded better this time, better than the previous blog! We prayed at prayer meeting that you would find your nitch and feel settled and more fulfilled with what you were doing...
    God bless your weekend rest and the coming week!
    Love, Gale and Murray


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