another long week ahead...


Happy Friday.. although to be honest I haven't really been keeping track of the days so I don't really care that it's Friday- all I do is sleep.

Anyways I blogged earlier about my sickness and how I had a doctor's appt. to attend yesterday. I don't want this to be a ranting session about how my life sucks.. because it is very very far from that. I am a blessed blessed woman and I know God is in control and taking care of me. So I'll keep this short on my blog and if you want to ask me more questions I would love to give you an adequate update on how I'm feeling- I just don't feel like posting it for the world to read.

I went to the doctor who than sent me straight to get a chest x-ray. After the results came back from the x-ray I went back to this doctor who told me that I had pneumonia and a collapsed right lung. The pneumonia in my lung had spread during this past week.. I had severe pain in my side and still do but when I went to the hospital the first time they told me it was a side effect of the flu. Since I have this infection in my lung, not enough oxygen could get to my lung which resulted in it collapsing a bit.

Yes- its scary and serious- but I really am doing alright. I started phyiso right after that appt. and just came back from phyiso already today. I take 3 medicines 3x a day and I have a breather thing (forget what's it is called) that helps me breathe whenever I need it. I'm only allowed to do minimal activity and that's all I really can do because even if I shower I usually take a nap after because it just takes to much energy.

I have been up and down but I decided to think positively and make this whole sick time in my life part of this journey. I am over here to learn and this is just a another thing for me to learn how to handle and deal with.

 I decided to make you laugh a little with this awesome photo of me! If I'm going to be positive with this part of my trip- you always need a picture right?



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