I have thought about not returning to university.

 The problems that grip my heart are too urgent to me to spend thousands of dollars and attend university for three more years- a part of it seems pointless in this season of my life.

Tuesday morning I was walking through the playground and heading to my morning meetings when a Grade 1 girl came running to me full speed. She knocked me over (no one was hurt:) ) and gave me the best hug in the world! She was so excited to see me! After picking up my bag and making sure we were both alright I asked her why she was so excited this morning. She looked at me and said "because I get to learn today!"

My heart just warmed right up. I hugged her once more and whispered.. yes... you get to learn.

Wednesday morning comes around and I see her beautiful smile once again. After receiving my morning hug from her I asked her how her night was. With her huge smile she said "fine" (they always say fine) but she wasn't as eager to learn this morning. I asked her what time she got picked up from school last night and she said six but  had to take care of her siblings all night and couldn't do her homework. As we continued talking I also found out that this girl gets dropped off at 5am in the morning. Let me remind you school is from 8-2.

Her story isn't uncommon. It is a norm. After our conversation ended I remembered her excitement and the fact that she is thankful she gets to learn.

Since being here I have become more thankful about having the opportunity the learn and receive a university education.  I really have viewed education so differently since being in South Africa. I love Canada- I love our education system and I am blessed that I have the opportunity to learn.So yes, I am totally re thinking university because I have been reminded how precious and valuable education is.


  1. You'd better come back!
    The whole education thing is one of the reasons I'm doing PACS... So that I can get women educated because that's so wonderful for communities and women are wonderful...

  2. since this post I've been pretty sure that I am coming back to university. And I'm so happy that I know you Janessa- you've been such an encourgement to me. i am so happy that you're passionate about women and women's education. and Yes women are wonderful:)


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