Hey Lovelies!

What a crazy week it's been!

I lost a lot of sleep this week over the safety issues and the mourning of my laptop and photos and one night when I was just lying in bed I though to myself  "wow, this is really hard!"

Immediately I thought to myself "did I really think this year would be a walk in the park?" Of course going away from everything familiar wouldn't always be easy... who would I be kidding thinking this way?

I chatted with God in those early hours in the morning for a long while. We chated about it being "too hard" and how God never promised this life on earth to be easy: He promises us it will be worth it. Following Him and living for Him is worth it. It doesn't mean it will be easy. When I put things into perspective I realized so quickly that it is just a laptop and God says we do not need to be afraid.

On Friday morning I headed down to Durban to visit and work with Shawnti for the day at the cresh. (I was too scared to bring my camera along so I don't have any pics to show you atm but I snapped some on Shawnti's camera and will show them to you once I get them) We took the kids to the beach and it was so fun to hang out with preschool kids all day- so fun but so exhausting!

Than we met up with Jessica on the beach after work. (Jessica and Shawnti are both SALTers like me living in Durban) There was a surfing competition going on so we bought some ice-cream and layed on the beach for a while. I slept at Shawnti's on Friday and Jessica's on Saturday. It was the best weekend yet! All Saturday I chatted with Shawnti about life and when we went to Jessica's the deep conversations continued. It was awesome to hear these girls say "it's hard."

They get it. Even though we all live in different places and have totally different jobs we are all doing this year abroad and we all get each other. We have become such wonderful best friends and sisters and I feel so blessed laughing and sharing my heart with these two girls.

I am off to bed now I'll be moving back at the boarding house this week again. I hope to go laptop shopping this coming weekend.

I am doing much better and super excited to see the kids again and get my morning hugs and kisses from them- eeeee!! So excited.

Have a wonderful thanksgiving tomorrow (no one knows what that is here btw!)

I have started to put parts of my life into perspective.. today what parts of your life need to be put into a Godly perspective?

All my love



  1. you said it well babe - He never said it's be easy. Today's sermon was all about suffering for the ministry and how when we suffer, we must suffer for Christ. But, alas, "Christ in me, the hope of glory" - Colossians 1:27. He is the glorious riches to our mystery called life. Keep doing what you're doing babe - you good and faithful servant.

  2. Hi Madeline,

    I'm so sorry that your laptop was stolen! It's like losing your keys or wallet! It is discouraging!!..You are right, you can replace the laptop and hopefully there are friends who have some of the same pictures so you can get copies...

    I trust this week is better!! We'll be praying for you be sure!!

    Michael Beams is married! His wedding was Saturday in Korea. His Mom and Dad flew over to be present and to travel a little afterwards. We are praying for him with all being married entails. I think he is teaching ESL. We'll get up to date news from his folks when they return.

    We had beautiful summer weather for the week before Thanksgiving and up to today. Tomorrow things are to change with 4 days of rain! We have our 2 year old grandson, Julianne's Simon, here for 3 sleepovers.. He is such good company,SO SMART and doesn't stop! We are helping his Mommy get some naps with the new baby this week....I'm off to bed early because he'll be up with the birds probably!

    God bless you! Have a safe, happier week!
    Love from Gale, for Murray too

  3. Hey Gale and Murray!

    Thank you for your messages and your prayers! Mom tells me that your Sunday School class prays for me- tell them THANK YOU and also tell them that I can "feel" there prayer- that is new to me as of 2 months ago but I know God is working and I have his assurance all the time- please thank them. I love your updates.I am glad you are doing well and life is going on for you.

    Lots of Love


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