Strength in Christ

Sweatpants: check
Hoodie: mhmm
Tea: sitting right beside me
Snuggled in my bed: of course!
Hair up: check
Makeup: ..what's make-up again??

I headed back to the hospital this morning for another round of fun (physio, xrays, doctor's appt). The xray shows significant improvement in the lung but my doctor still wasn't too please. She said that we would do 10 more days of heavy antibiotics and breathing through that terrible thing and than back for more xrays in 10 days time- to which everything should be back to normal.

If you haven't picked up on it yet... this means I am bed-rest for another week. I even asked her nicely if there was any way I could head back to work earlier - she said no. It gets very lonely doing nothing all week. I'm hoping this week will be better because I actually want to do things now rather than just sleep all day long.

Like the above description..my life will continue that way for another week. Please continue to pray that this week I can get 100% better and not get any worse

Yesterday I had slept in (like normal) but I also attend night church which is great at 6pm on Sunday evenings. Anne, Mark and I thought it would be best to get out for a few hours. I agreed. I was so desperate to hear a preach and to be around other believers. Although I couldn't keep up with the songs (that takes a lot of oxygen) and the preach was more or less how to overcome temptation with adultery and things it was awesome to get out and sit in the presence of God for a bit. (not that I can't sit in his presence anywhere-it was just nice at church)

I want to share a verse that I found this morning- it was super refreshing for me to hear and I pray that as you read it you will also be refreshed:

"How blessed is the man whose strength is in You" - Ps. 84:5

I want my strength in God.. not 99.9999% of it but all of it. I want to be filled with His blessing. Even in this season of my life where I am stuck in bed away from home I want my strength to be found in Christ. This week will be an awesome opportunity for me to have my bible open and be able to read for hours on end- I also bought a Beth Moore book called Breaking Free that I am super stoked to read as well this week.

I hope you find strength in Christ this week:)

 this is my Sunday night church - NCF:)

 This is me being teacher for the week.. I've always wanted to write my name on the blackboard and be a "real" teacher- it came true!

 My class for the week

 There was a fairly intense hail/thunderstorm and the kids were very scared. I didn't know how to keep them calm and than I remembered my camera! They love taking pictures and instantly wanted to smile when the camera came out. I loved this one. She snuggled on my lap and wouldn't let me go for over an hour but smiled SO big when I had my camera.. so sweet hey?

 This is the day before I got sick but also a very special day- Anne's Birthday!!! I had to get our waiter to snap a picture of us at dinner so I could remember this awesome birthday outing.

 The morning before I got sick. Jared and I headed down to Durban for the day. We had breaky at this gorgeous rooftop restaurant overlooking the ocean

 Chillen at the beach
 I love this girl so very very much!

I'm sure I'll post more this week because I'll have internet all week long.

Loads of Love


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  1. Oh Maddie girl! such a tough season to be asked to go through! You have such an excellent way of bringing it back to correct perspective though- exactly as we are supposed to! Filter it through His lens , His word, and we come up with His way in it all! Everything is for Him, all things will work out for His purposes! Wow, even this sucky time! Actually, esp. this sucky time! Hang in there sweet girl! Ps. I love the clean look, even with the green thing in front of your face! Love WB


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