Against the Grain.

It's the little things in life that matter. Time and time again I am reminded of this because I so often forget.

The kids at the boarding house have an option to go home on weekends if they like. If their parents or guardians or whoever takes care of them wants them to leave they are more than welcome too. This often leaves half of the boarding children there on the weekends. I don't stay at the boarding house on the weekends but I have a pretty good idea that it can get very boring being there all the time.

It has so been on my heart to take the kids to church with me on the weekend. When I brought up this idea at the bible study I attend I was reminded of November 6 - make you famous day. This church service was going to be designed for the children - it was perfect! Dani, Kelly + Nathan (the coolest people ever!) all volunteered to pick up the kids from the boarding house and take them to church. It makes me so emotional typing this because I was so overwhelmed at how excited these kids were. When we got into the church they were amazed at how big the powerpoint screen was and how many people were at church. They were also so thankful. I have never seen these kids behave better. It was such a precious moment that I will forever cherish and hold with me.

Instead of taking the kids home after church Kelly and Nathan had a surprise for them. MCDONALDS!!!! Again, its the little things that make life so enjoyable - so valuable. Kelly and Nathan with the help of Dani's family bought the kids a happy meal! It was soooooo cute- we sat the kids down at a long table right outside the jungle gym area.. and they looked at me with a face that said "are you kidding me- you're going to make us sit when there is a jungle gym 5 meters away!" Silly me! Within seconds the giggles started as all 9 kids raced towards to jungle gym. They could have played in that thing for hours.

A simple outing like church and McDonalds has changed me. 

We live in a society that is "go go go" "want want want" "consume.. there is always more we need" "it's all about me and my gain" and I'm sick of it. I refuse to live like that any more. There is so much more to life than this way of living.

It's not all about me. It never was intended that way nor will it ever become that way in the future  no matter what society tries to say.

We are all made equal. Christ loves us each the same and has a Kingdom calling over each one of our lives. Why do we continue to sell ourselves short?

Why do I continue to look past the hurt and suffering in this world? On Sunday I got to see 9 beautiful children light up. I got to see their hearts filled with joy. I got to watch these kids feel loved. Is that not what life is about? Is life really about climbing the social ladder... getting the most expensive car and being accepted in society?

I know going against the grain is hard and I'm not saying it will be easy. What I am saying is that I will fight with everything that I have to continue to go against the grain. I refuse to be quiet any longer. People are hurting. People need to know that their is a God who is crazy about them and accepts them right where they are at. People need to know their is hope - there is a reason worth living.

My heart is heavy and my passion is strong. I can get so overwhelmed with the problems in this world. 7 billion people live on this earth - unreal. But for those 9 kids on a Sunday morning it made a difference. It made a huge difference to them.

God has put you right where He wants you. You don't need to solve poverty but you can make a difference in the people that God has put you with. I promise you, it will matter to the person you send a letter of encouragement too... it will matter to the homeless person you invite to Tim Hortons to have coffee with and listen to their story. It will matter that you said a girl looked beautiful and meant it when inside she is struggling with an eating disorder. It will matter to that child who you pick up and put on your lap and read them a story. It will matter- you're actions matter.

I am asking you to stand with me. To look past the constant selfish desires and to seek God's desires. I am asking you to live simply. I am asking you to go against the grain and help empower those who can't. I am asking you to pray for the girl who gets raped 15 times a day. I am asking you to become educated on the atrocities that are constantly being ignored while people talk about Kim Kardashians wedding. You will fail, I will fail but that should not stop us from trying. & if you can't - I'm still going against the grain. One of the biggest lessons I've learnt is that I'm no different from a girl living in poverty around the world- so what makes me think and act like I am?

I changed and when I come back I hope you see a different Madeline.
I thank those 9 children who reminded me what life is about and what matters in life.

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  1. Hi Madeline,

    What a true message about what really matters in life!! God surely has a reason for your being there and our prayers for you are being answered! You sound like you are feeling much better. I didn't go back to your other postings to get the details but your blog said you are back on track. Wonderful! We have been praying for you every Wed. night and in Sunday School.. I'll share the details of your blog tonight and we'll all pray again!
    We are just about ready for Breakaway next Friday..There are endless details to look after ahead, to be prepared for whoever the Lord brings to us that day...It is going to be FUN, ACTION PACKED, and WORTHWHILE! The story is about Gideon and the truth is that God is always there to help us, even when no one else knows our problem or seems to care..We have a true missions story to illustrate the truth , in the afternoon story time... The day is called Serengeti Safari!! Last night Murray and I dragged all the artificial plants up from the basement to make a jungle up on the platform! We added some stuffies..a snake,a cheetah,some monkeys and a giraffe head taped way up on the front opening on the platform, to create some atmosphere. It makes me excited to get to this point of decorating....
    I just had a phone call from David Ghent as I'm writing. Pray for him because the chemo is stopped and the next expected step is pain and the management of pain.. A hard road to walk but his trust in the Lord radiates!
    You are loved and remembered daily1
    God bless your week!


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