failed video blog!

Hey All!

I have tried three times to upload a video to you! I realized you haven't seen me since settling in and I wanted to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!

I am just on a inhaler now for my breathing- God is so good. I will try to upload it again but I am frustrated with it.. but I want you to know I am doing great.
This week consists of me being back at the boarding house and being back at the school - a full week!

On Saturday I am heading to Durban to see a pre school graduation that my dear friend and fellow Shawnti is helping run. (that's where she works)

& on Sunday I am leaving nice and early to travel to Lesotho for a week (different country) and I get to visit 2 of the SALTers there and also do some manual labour.. .awe yea.

I hope you had a restful weekend. Mine was very busy but great to be social again:)


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  1. Hey My Madeline,

    We are all praising God for the return of your health. So glad that you are able to be back with your kids. :)
    We pray for your safe travels to Lesotho.
    Please keep safe. Can't wait to hear of the work you will be doing there. Another stamp in your passport. Miss and love you more. MOM, DAD & TESS


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