a little comfort

Since being away from home for (almost) 3 months I have started to miss certain comforts.
The last SALTer who was living with the Pennels brought them Tim Hortons mugs... whenever I need a little lovin' from home I ALWAYS grab this mug... it's one of my comforts.



  1. Hey Baby Girl,

    Just want you to know that when we are missing you we will grab our same Tim Horton's mug too!
    (I guess I will be holding it all the time)
    Praying for you like never before! You will be restored to full health. God is in control and the giver of all. Love you more than________. MOMMA

  2. awe! that is such a good idea. I love the idea of you drinking from the same mug across the ocean! you're the best
    "love you more than life itself!"


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