Still Processing

What a crazy few weeks its been!

I went back to the boarding house and to my job at the school and found out that the school has different plans than what I had expected. Long story short- seems like my job is being re-evaluated at the school and for the rest of this year I am no longer working at the school but in other areas of the NGO that I work for called Project Gateway... it's been an interesting week processing all of this and I'm happy to have left the country for a week and had the chance to visit Lesotho. In these next few weeks I will try to figure out my job and don't worry- I will keep you updated on all of that when I know more.. my position of living at the boarding house with the kids remains the same however:)

As mentioned above I travelled to Lesotho last week- it was great to get away from the city and from South Africa and spend time in a completely new culture but it was hard to see.  Have you heard of this country? Do you know that most of the country still doesn't have access to running water or electricity? This country is in the top 3 highest countries of HIV/AIDS in the world? Seeing this all up close was hard. It broke me and it takes a while to process these things. Trying to balance what to do about seeing this and meeting the children and hanging out with the locals and accepting the fact that they know nothing different and are happy with certain things..

so basically i'm processing and will write more when I've had time to let my thoughts sink in a bit more!

Hope your week was amazing:)

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  1. Oh Maddie girl, the learning curve just keeps going and you keep digging in and growing and growing! It is a beautiful message you send - to challenge our spirits esp. in this crazy Christmas season when priorities are really messed! So glad you are better! Lovingly WB


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