December already?

Hey Loves:)

I can't believe it's December. Time can go by so fast some days and the next day I am super depressed and just want it to be July and be home. 

Christmas is coming and I don't feel "Christmasyy" at all!! & I so want to! I am such a festive person and love planning parties and yet I feel so out of place and not sure what to do with myself. However I did get a package from my family together with little Christmas presents in it and I am stoked. 

November was a month of growth. ( I think every month I could write that but this month particularly)

Here's the recap:

I watched a girl get beaten and thrown into the street, I got to hear stories of girls who have been raped and beaten - their self worth shattered.
 I witnessed people living in homes with electricity and water on one side of the street and directly across the street (legit- across the street) people were living in nothing - (does a mud house count?) 
I got to visit another African country and meet beautiful people from Lesotho. 
I got to hang out with Lesotho SALTers and realize that even though we are in different environments we are going through a lot of the same thought processes. 
I got so much closer to my amazing host family. 
I learnt more about the country I live in and people that make up this diverse country. 
I finished being sick and my first week back realized that the school is no longer needing a volunteer there.
I started a new job and found out another way I can help out this NGO called Project Gateway
I got to be a judge at a dance competition (girls vs boys at the boarding house- my kids can dance!!)
I attended a vintage 20's dress up night with my homegroup from church
I visited a new orphanage called Sunshine and brought icing sugar and sweets and made crafts with the kids- I've never experience children being more thankful in my life
I realized that I don't fit into 3 pairs of my pants anymore... and everyone in Zulu culture vocalizes my weight gain.. (suppose to be a compliment.. eek!) Samp and putu diet .. o boy how I love.
I got to sit on my bed with the girls and have bible study together, sharing our hearts with each other
I experienced Toblerone and loved every minute of it!

Okay that's my VERY short version of November.. can't wait to see what December holds! 

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