Stay Tuned:)

Happy Monday!!

Start of a new week- lots to get done and things are finally starting to become "normal" again- whatever normal is!

If you don't know already my parents are coming down to visit me in 38 days (but whose counting right?)
I can't wait to be able to share some of this experience with them. esssh I am SO excited!

As I am in the process of planning for them to come down we chatted about bringing an extra suitcase filled with things for the boarding house kids. There is SUCH a need for everything at the boarding house and it would be such a blessing to help them out. Some of the children left last year and I'm not sure how many kids will be in the boarding house this year. I will find out next week Monday and than get back you all about the biggest needs..If you would like to help out in any way please let me know! I will put a list up on my blog of needs (colouring books, crayons, playdough, stencils, stickers, flash cards for learning math etc) when I know for sure and so please stay tuned if you're interested.

I can 100% promise you that you helping out these children will be beneficial. It will go directly to them and I promise you they will use them:)

Have an amazing week!


Just for Fun:

On Saturday I went to a park and saw 10 giraffes! At one point they were only 8m away! It was pretty neat although I was very timid of how many there were of them and only 4 of us.

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