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Many of you have been following my blog for a while and have heard my heart and some of the crazy stories that I've been privileged to experience over the last 5.5 months since I've been here. You've also had a glimpse at some of the children that I get to live with!

My parents are coming down to see me (which I am STOKED about) and will get to experience some of my life here in South Africa.

While my parents are here we are going shopping for the boarding house kids and would LOVE to have your support as well!

There are 16 children at the boarding. There is no living room or place for them to play except in their rooms. My desire is to buy the children a colouring book each and a set of 8 crayons. They love to draw and colour and I know this will be such a useful gift!
Other needs:
-they love soccer but have no soccer ball
- books.. esh.. most of the children are learning English and reading is one of the most helpful ways to accomplish this. There isn't a lot of "easy to read" books at the boarding house and I am desperate for some of those
- flash cards to help learn addition subtraction etc.
- hulu hoops/skipping ropes to play outside with

If you have something right away that you thought of, my parents do have a bit of room in their suitcase to take something over, however if you would like to help out a money donation would be fabulous. You can fb/email me (see contact section) or if you know my parents you can call them too and I will give you ALL the details on how to go about this (it's SUPER easy- just don't want my details over the world wide web)

I promise to take pictures when we go shopping and also in the deliverance of the presents to these kids so you can personally see that you made a difference in these children's lives. These kids mean everything to me and I thank you once again for just following me on this journey and making them smile!

Hope your weekend went great.
Loads of Love

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