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Woman have come a long way. From becoming a person in the early 1900's in Canada to claiming political standards, woman have come a long way. But this day is still very important because woman in this world are still being treated unfairly; inhumane actually.

Women in the middle east still can't even get a divers license. Bride burning? Total submission to males? Just to name a few..

My main passion in life is to bring awareness and justice to human trafficking. Girls and young women being forced to preform sexual tasks and have sex with whoever buys them. Girls being raped, beaten, drugged, forced to kill. In one book I read they would drop maggots and spiders onto the girls while they would sleep to enforce power and control: to keep them in fear. Many pimps and traffickers don't have to watch the girls any more because they have dehumanized them so much and taken all their self worth that they know they won't run away. Just this issue alone is worth having the whole month be "Women's Month" to try and bring justice to this issue. One of the fastest growing industries in the world might I add. Why? Cause you can only sell drugs once but some of these girls get sold 15 times a day, every day of the year.

This year God gave me "my girls." Girls that I love like they were my own. Girls who I swear I can't leave in less than four months. Girls who have been beaten and raped, girls who have no self-esteem. Girls who are looking for someone to believe in them so they can break their cycle of poverty. Girls who are determined to get an education because they know that is the only way to have a chance in this country.

There is a sign near my house that encourages girls not to sleep with older men. To not have a sugar daddy. It's a huge problem in this country- large enough to put massive billboards around town trying to make people think twice. Sugar daddy's will support but at what cost? HIV is still growing and most girls have no choice any more once they are "bought" by that man. This problem is growing and I'm so determined that my girls won't fit into that category. That they will remember who they are.. precious daughters of the King. That they will know with everything that they are that there is a God who loves them and is crazy about them.

Leaving my home and comforts has been harder than I can ever put into words. But God called me. If you've been reading my blog you know my job has switched quite a lot and I do a bunch of everything.  On Tuesday night God told me that these kids are my priority- this is how He wants to use me best, this is where He has equipped me. There was a terrible event that happened last night and through tears I realized that this boarding house and these kids are where I belong. I hope to spend more time with these kids than I ever have so far this year. I hope that make them my #1 priority in my time (not just in my heart) and working for Gateway Admin second.

These girls have rights. They deserve to be given an opportunity to learn. They deserve to be loved. If I can help them with homework and improve their education, if I can be a good mother to them than I feel this year away has been worth it. I finally realized (only took me 7 months) that if I don't work in an office or make important phone calls or having a bunch of meetings to attend it's okay. I'm still making a difference. A difference that can change lives.

Why? Because these girls need me. These kids need me.

So on International Women's Day I am pledging to give every last bit of energy into these girls. I am choosing to empower these girls once again and remind them that they have rights. That if they work hard they deserve a good job, a husband who doesn't beat them or sleep around with other girls. They deserve not to be beaten and rapped. They deserve to have a say in birth control and when they want to get pregnant. They deserve this and the only secure thing is not even on this earth but in Christ.
When they were all crying last night I walked around the room and prayed over each girl. I have never prayed with such strength and conviction before - I believed every word I said and I know that God will come through. He told me so.

Women have a long way to go in South Africa and I am striving to do my part with the girls God has placed in my life.

Please continue to pray with me for these girls!:)

Here are their names:

Aphiwe N (Grade 1)
Zama (Grade 1)
Amanda (Grade 3)
Aphiwe G (Grade 3)
Nonhlahla (Grade 4)
Neliswa (Grade 4)
Melissa (Grade 4)
Luyanda (Grade 5)
Phumilie (Grade 7)
Chantal (Grade 8)

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