Not needed but desired.

I so want to tell you all about my Zambian trip! I want to write about my daily activities from the past 5 days but I just can't seem to type it all out when God has so taken a hold of my thoughts in these past twenty four hours.

New scriptures keep flooding my mind and God continues to teach me a new thing it seems every five minutes. I wrote down a few in the airport yesterday on my four hour layover but after 9 pages of writing the "few" things God was teaching me I stopped because my hand hurt. I won't try to re type those all for you here but I wanted to share one I've rested in today and I pray you can rest in also (that's why I'm sharing!)

It's not about me. This life isn't about me, & when I start thinking at any point that this is about me and what I want my life seems to fall apart.

Going along with this theme- God doesn't need me. He doesn't need my thoughts or opinions. He doesn't need me to tell Him what I can and can't do. God doesn't want to hear where He can move in my life and what He can strip away. God is God and so above everything I could think of. How selfish am I when I think that God needs to hear my perspective and what I want to have happen in the situation. It so isn't about me.

That train of thinking has been so liberating. God is so capable of doing it on His own- the pressure is off of me! If Noah would have refused to make the ark, the ark would have still been made.. God doesn't rely on us, He is God. But what I just so love and adore is that God desires to use us and mould us.

God desires to use me to bring glory to His name. He chooses to put me in charge of things and carry out certain tasks. Worthless, screw up me. God chooses me. He called me by name and is crazy about me and desires to love on me. He desires to make me more like Him.

There is so much freedom in the fact that it isn't about me and I can totally rest in God's strength and power for my every need. He is in control and commands me to not worry or fear. What an incredible God !

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