8 months

It honestly feels like yesterday I was fiddling through my photos putting together an overview of what I did for my one month anniversary.  I can't fathom that that was seven months ago! I don't have time to write long blog posts this week because I am working "too much of hard" but I'll post my eight month reflection blog soon. (I've already written a few pages in my journal)

We don't have electricity atm which has been such a challenge trying to see and feed eighteen children- esh! Hopefully we can get that sorted out before the end of the week.

Here is a quote that I've been processing/mulling over!

"We’re caught in Einstein’s loop of insanity, delivering emergency assistance over and over but never getting the result we want: stopping people from dying of hunger."


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  1. Congrats! And good luck on the last 4 months :)
    I really like that quote. Reading in the news about the food crisis in Mali (and West Africa) it seems like lots of assistance is a cycle of responding to immediate needs and never getting to the root of the problem and fixing the system.


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