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Life can get so busy. Even though I am serving this year - the life of a service worker can be so hectic. Dealing with kids are especially hard and energy consuming. This weekend has been really great because I got to sleep in, take a bath and have over twelve hours of silence... just me and my thoughts! It was such a blessing to just take time for myself.  Yes, it is great to rest and sleeping is very important... but it can only go so far.

I realized that my Spirit is exhausted as well. No matter how many hours of zzz's I get that doesn't help me to be Spiritually ready for what lies ahead tomorrow. Before the weekend started I was listening to Jesus Culture and the song "I need you more" came through my speakers. Immediately my Spirit just started aching and I knew instantly that I had been so focused on getting more sleep and taking "Maddie" time but that wasn't do any good when it came to my Spirit.

I have had a lot of God this year. (If that's even possible) I read my bible pretty much every day and often times more than once. I spend hours in prayer and have been sitting in God's presence more than I ever did before. I read amazing blogs of people who are living their lives for Christ and I often have a pod casts on in the background while I'm at work. This year has really been all about God. So why does my Spirit ache? Why is it so exhausted?

Because we always need more of God. We will never be satisfied as people who love the Lord with where we are at today. We need more of God than we did yesterday or last week. It's easy to make a checklist and feel like a good Christian when you've had your devotions for that day but I know that God wants more than that. He wants all of us, all the time and He is longing to give us more and keep our Spirits refreshed.

So this week I am going to focus on not getting physical rest, but Spiritual rest. By spending more time in His word and sitting at His feet longing to be in His presence. I totally believe that by giving my Spirit rest and encouragement my physical exhaustion will disappear as well. That's the power of Christ.

I am going to seek God more than I did yesterday.

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