New Week, New Challenges

I hope you had a very relaxing Easter:)

My Easter was spent in the sun, in the water, eating delicious foods and getting to visit a game reserve. At one stage I thought I was very homesick but within the hour I got over it and carried on with the weekend.

Things that are happening this week:

  • My computer course that I've been teaching finishes this week with graduation for both groups scheduled to take place next week
  • I get to see my children in a few hours!! Hurray and hang out with them after a three week break
  • A new computer class starts tommorrow which I am a "helper" for. I had a train Vuyo already because I leave PMB in less than 3 months
  • I will hopefully be visiting two creche's (pre-schools) this week and meet with the teachers/asses their needs and how Gateway can help and empower
  • Bible study and a dinner planned with friends
So it's going to be another busy week (even if it's 4 days) and I'm so looking forward to what God has in store for me.


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