Another Hospital Visit

Paint trimmers. Fire. 8 year old girl.

Those three things should never mix- yet on Saturday night that became a reality at the boarding house. My little precious eight year old was rushed to emergency to treat the burns. On Monday afternoon she was released from ICU and is currently resting in one of the best hospitals in the province. (this was one of the hospitals I stayed at when my lung collapsed) We have had so much fun picking out what to have on the menu for the next day and watching High school Musical on my laptop.

I came to see her Monday evening and never really left, giving me a total of 2 hours of restless sleep on a chair last night and haven't left her side since. Her granny is sleeping over tonight (Tuesday) and than I'll try to be at the hospital Wednesday afternoon and sleep over Wednesday night again.

Can I just say one thing right now: SHE IS SO BRAVE!!!! She gets big tears in her eyes and grabs my hand so tight when the pain comes but that is it. I see her in so much pain but she is trying to be strong. I keep telling her it's okay to cry but everyone deals with pain differently.

She was allowed to go to the toilet this afternoon and when she saw herself in the mirror she became being traumatized and said "Auntie Maddie, I am scared to look at me" She has a hard time talking  now and won't talk unless the curtain is completely closed. The burn is the worst on her face and left arm. Please pray for my precious baby girl.

I sat awake with her most of the night reading bible stories and praying over her and trying to distract her from the pain. She is becoming very withdrawn and the doctors are scheduling a counsellor to try and help her deal and talk through such a scary event. Please pray specifically that this goes well.

The doctors say +/- 2 weeks in the hospital so I'm sure I'm going to get use to eating hospital food these next few days. It is crazy to think that I have less than a month with these children and my heart breaks over and over again that this had to happen to her. I am going to muster up some energy (only from Christ) and try to love on the other children tonight when I get home around 7. The kids witnessed the event so it's been pretty emotional for them.

Keep us all in your prayers. xx

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