I love to keep you updated with my life and I just want you to meet Olethu. She is 6 years old, attends Gateway and is super shy! She speaks okay English and loves to follow me around.
She moved in the boarding house (where I live) last week. She is such a JOY to be with and I can't wait to see our relationship develop over the next few weeks. So I am back to mothering 18 children again.

ps. When I arrived back at the boarding house on Monday morning there were tons of mother's days cards slipped under my door from the kids.. it was such a blessing! xo

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  1. Oh Maddie,

    She is so beautiful! I love her already. How wonderful that "your" children gave you Mother's Day cards. Give them all a kiss for me and please tell them that Aunti Barb prays for them!

    Love you more. MOM


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