A scary reality

The latest status I heard was every 17 seconds a girl gets rapped in South Africa. Statistics can sometimes be scary.

I was walking to work today from my house that I stay on the weekends. It made sense to not try to move back into the boarding house for one night this week because there was holidays this past weekend ( South Africa celebrated 18 years of democracy)

The walk is safe, cars are always passing by and it takes me about thirty minutes to walk to work if I walk fast. When I first came to South Africa I was told to not walk by myself... but imagine your freedom being stripped away instantly when I heard that statement. I have been very careful, however I am a women and in South Africa we just don't have the same rights and aren't treated the same way.

I didn't even notice that there was a man watching me, standing up against a tree 5 meters from me. When he called out "hey" my heart jumped because I honestly didn't see him there. He was checking me out which isn't unusual for people to do here (they check everyone out) but it always makes me feel uncomfortable so I held my bag tighter and walked just a little faster.

As I continued to walk He continued to speak to me. "I love you," "let's talk" & "I want to be with you" where some of the phrases that I heard. As I tried to walk faster, He and I both knew that I was uncomfortable. He was winning and was extremely pleased with this.

But than He started to follow me. This has never happened before, usually the comments continue but as I get farther and farther away I can no longer make out what the person is saying and my heart will eventually calm down. It didn't.

I must have franticly looked backed and when I realized He decided to follow me, because He saw the concern in my face and called out "don't worry babe, I'm coming"

What does I'm coming mean? I wanted to run into the street at that moment, surely this man wasn't going to hurt me? He just wanted to harass me and make me scared, but He kept following. I was walking as fast as I could without making me look too much like a victim.. his comments of love and wanting me only continued.

What's a girl to do in this situation? Pray.

So I started praying for a miracle, praying for God to get me out of this situation.  Praying for the man to stop following me. Praying for angels of protection.

He got closer and asked me to "come with him" to which I said "no." The first and only word I would speak to this man. I was sick of him taking advantage of me and not being able to stand up for myself and terrified of what He was going to do next.

I decided to cross the street and try walking on the other side, maybe He would give up already... or was He actually going to do something? Of course, I always think the worse.

My prayers turned into pleas as I asked God to get me out of this situation.

Then a car stopped by the side of the road.

It wasn't fimilar to me and I don't really know any one in South Africa too well so my first thought was it's one of his friends and they are going to put me into the car. No one was really around so it was possible. As I neared the car I was going to cross the road again however I noticed it was one of my computer students that I taught last term.

"I am going to Gateway (where I work) want a lift?"

I never jumped into a car faster.

This man could have just harassed me until I got to work, He could have been waiting for a chance to steal what was in my bag when no cars were around, or He could have actually wanted me to "come with him."

I'm not sure but what I am sure of is God protects his children.

God does miracles every single day and today He did a miracle in my life. He protected me and arranged for me to get out of that situation.

All the praise and glory goes to God and I am so thankful that He is constantly looking out for me while I'm here in South Africa.

.. lets just say I didn't walk home today!

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