Hanging out with the Lions!

This past weekend I got the incredible opportunity of visiting buffalo and lions while hanging out with some awesome friends!

Here are a few pictures of the weekend. xx


Buffalo are one of the big 5 in Africa..they could kill me in a heartbeat.

@ the buffalo farm.. nervous

this is what the lions eat.. a dead cow:) yummy!

I was in this cage with these lions!

3 month old baby lion.. I can handle these guys!

look at how cute His paws are

these lions are 6 months. We were not allowed to have the lion behind us ever because they pounce and we couldn't run. Give these guys a year and they would kill me so fast!

no big deal.. just a LION sitting on my lap!

me ALWAYS scared

with the big lions.. do you see how tiny the fence is blocking this lion from eating me alive...

these lions were not caged.. thank goodness we were in a car..

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