Last Day of Work

Another goodbye.

I have been having goodbye parties every night and day and it is getting exhausting. As much as I will miss Gateway and the "working life" I am so ready to be a student again!

18 more days. These days are filled with so much activity and fun but at any moment I feel like I could burst into tears. Trust me this has already happened many times.
I have to be COMPLETELY packed by Sunday mid-afternoon and that is a mission for a girl like me!

Lunch at work, birthday party tonight and a sleepover. Some important skype dates, writing goodbye letters and checking the last few things off my "bucket list for SA." Another farwell party for Jared and me and trying to finish packing. Goodbye lunch with my parents and host sister and night church.

Than the good byes will be done. & I can properly transition home.

*Breathe Maddie, just breathe. One hour at a time.
A diner out at the revolving restaurant at the Durban Harbour

this was my starter at the restaurant.. so fulling!

being "Western" again in prep for coming home:) Heels- check

Kelly and Dani- the ladies that got me through this year.

Mona Lisa loving

something I won't miss.... all the gates and barbed wire

so excited to leave all the fencing and security gates behind.

cooking South African meals! I can make this for you when I come home:)

Let the packing stresses begin Lying on a pile of clothes that don't seem to "fit" in my suitcase

The dinner I threw for my ladies to thank them for ALL the love and hospitality over the year

Mark and Anne- my host parents I will miss so deeply

another dinner with friends saying goodbye- Sthe and myself.

28 Windsor Street Love:)

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