A Story Worth Sharing

Most of you know that I am dating Mark

Most of you are also aware that this isn’t the first time that we have dated each other

We’ve been through a lot these past five years of on and off dating

Sharing our deepest thoughts. First dates. Learning to love with Christ’s love. Heartbreak. Rejection. Refusal to love myself and love how God sees me. Many many tears. Laughter in its purest form. Fresh beginnings and terrible endings. Unknowns. Long term relationship. Skype dates and time zones. Months of no communication. Journals. Love letters. Hours of prayer and incredible miracles.

Looking back over these past five years it is obvious to both Mark and I that our love story was not written by us. It wasn’t Mark’s love or mine that held us together; it’s the Lords. It’s clear to both of us that God has written our love story… and even through all the heartbreak, tears and mistrust we have come out of this knowing more of what Christ loves looks like here on earth. We have learnt so much through our relationship and we think we have a pretty great story to share, because it is ONLY GOD and by His plan and grace that we are together. 

So for the next few weeks/months Mark and I are going to share our story. Sometimes we will both sit down and write; sometimes it will just be Mark’s thoughts or mine on a certain topic.

We aren’t sharing our love story because it makes us feel/look good. There has been a lot of pain and rejection over the years and it’s not always easy to type it out for the world wide web to read but we both know God is glorified through our story and for that reason alone we are so thrilled to sit down and type parts of it out for you.

So check this space soon for the first article.

Eccelastics 3:11- “He has made everything beautiful in its time”

Mark and Maddie

Ps. If you have any topics/questions/things you would love us to cover or just to chat we would love nothing more than for you to contact us.
My email is meeja_moo9@hotmail.com and Marks is:  mark_hockley@hotmail.com

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