My worst nightmare is a reality

Last night I woke up around four am drenching with sweat and terrified. My hands were clenched so tight giving me a muscle cramp and my face was tear stained.  Once I realized it was just a dream my heart beat calmed down as I tried to fall back asleep....however this time I laid there for an hour re counting the events of my nightmare and realizing it is all so real.

I was trafficked into the sex trade. I saw other girls getting taken and no matter how smart, clever or fast I was there was no way any of us was getting out. The sex trade is too complex and there are pimps and traffickers in every country, in every city around the world. My dream didn't take place while I was in a typical sex trafficking country but right here in Canada. Sex trafficking happens everywhere and my dream seemed all to real. 

My friends and I were at a club dancing to our hearts content without a care in the world. We had met the most gorgeous men in the club and were getting to know them well. When it came time to leave we needed to take a cab back to our hotel however these three men said they drove and could give us a lift.  I remember (in my dream) being terrified of drinking and driving but I knew that the one guy had been responsible all night and never touched a sip. That was my only concern. Since we were cheap students a free ride and saving money seemed like the best idea...only we never returned to our hotel room that night but to there house...

The dream continued and I woke up to me trying to call 911 locked in a dark room after being knocked out by these men. My phone call didn't go through but one of my friends escaped and she was running to the police... for anyone to understand...

As I was lying there trying to fall back asleep but to upset to, I thought about all the women and young girls who don't have the police to go to. Either the police are corrupt and are the ones that also rape these girls or they've taken the girls documents and they are now illegally here and can't seek help. They don't know the language or the first place to run to seek help. 

I am so thankful that all I had was a bad dream but I spent the next half hour praying for all the millions of human beings being trapped in sex slavery right now. The millions of people who are being held captive and are sold each and every day to men who chose to rape them and treat them like a object.

Our world is filled with so many injustices and last night my heart broke for the millions of women in the sex trade. 


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