What falling in love with Mark has taught me

So let's just get over all the sappy stuff now (not the point of the blog but needs to be made!)

 I'm in love. Head over heels in love. I'm engaged and with that comes constant conversation of weddings and how in love I am with Mark. Every day I don't think I can love him any more and yet it happens. I continue to fall in love with his character, his life choices, the way he serves others but mostly the way he loves Christ. 

Okay, I love Mark.... here's my point....

A few weeks ago before falling asleep I was lying in bed just thinking about how crazy in love I am with Mark. I was just chatting to the Lord and thanking him for allowing Mark and I to be together- I really am the luckiest lady ever to have such a catch like him! If you know me at all I love to talk about what i'm passionate about and I must have been talking to God for a good five minutes listing all the reasons I love Mark. 

As I was going on and on God asked me very bluntly "do you feel that way about me?"

I was taken aback.  "Sure, God... I love you so much..." was my response to Him but a wave of loving conviction washed over me. God continued "are you constantly falling in love with my character and who I am- like you are with Mark?"

I love that God is relevant and uses my everyday situations to teach me foundational life lessons. I love that the God of the universe cares to speak to me and challenge me & I was challenged. So incredibly challenged. 

I say and believe that I love God so much more than any human being- including my family and Mark- but sometimes actions speak louder than words. I think being a Christian for so many years I can start to become satisfied with knowing God is love and God loves me. But I want to go deeper.

I want to fall in love with God each and every day. I want to spend some of my nights talking to God about how much I love him and his character. I know God adores hearing how much I love Mark and He is smiling down on our relationship and the way we are striving to love each other... but I also know that I want to love God more than anything else in this entire universe and I want to not only be in love with God but constantly falling head over heels in love with the way He takes care of me, protects me etc.

Today has been one of those days. I am just in awe of the way God loves me and I had such a sweet morning spending time with him and just hanging out the two of us as I fall in love with Him.

I am so thankful to have Mark in my life and to be able to practice what love looks like. I am also so blessed that God has used me learning to love Mark to set the bar higher for how I should love Him. I believe that learning this doesn't have to come from a future spouse, but this was my situation and I am beyond blessed that God is using this engagement season to teach me so many important lessons about His love.


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