Dry Seasons- Meet Kaitie

I want to escape from here.

I want an adventure. I want exotic places and foreign languages. I want to travel place to place, living on the good company of others. Staying up late listening to stories, sharing meals with strangers, experiencing life!

I can’t do routine. I get bored and grow impatient. It’s so hard for me to stick to one thing until it’s complete. I’m that person who always has 5 books on the go but never finishes any of them. I like learning lessons as quickly as possible so I can check them off my list and move on to the next one.

I feel like I’m constantly in a state of waiting, waiting for school to end, waiting for the right guy to come along, waiting for God to direct my career path. I’m sick of preparing myself for these unknowns, how long do I have to be patient for Gods timing? Most days it doesn’t feel like He hears me or cares about using this small life.

I wonder if this is how Joseph felt all those years ago, sold into slavery at age 17 by his jealous brothers, only to be unjustly sentenced to years in an Egyptian prison (Genesis 39). Interpreting dreams in the quiet of the night, darkness his constant companion. I imagine him crying out to God in his loneliness, “Have you forgotten about me? You gave me this gift, why don’t you let me use it? I’ve been faithful to you, keeping your commands, so why does it feel like you are punishing me!”

We know from the Bible that God was with Joseph the whole time. That he loved him deeply and had an incredible plan for his life. 

These dry years were crucial in shaping Josephs character into one of a Godly leader

Time in the “wilderness” is a constant theme throughout the Bible, from the Israelites to Elijah to John the Baptist and Jesus. 

God brings all those he loves through the “wilderness."


These desert experiences strip us of worldly comforts, sometimes even human support; we are forced to fully depend on God. Our faith and love for him grows as we see his providence unfold before our eyes. Our perspective switches from confidence in our own abilities to confidence in God’s abilities. Humility, thankfulness and a thirst for living water is all that survives here.

And so I am learning that these dry, lonely times of waiting can actually be my most intimate and joyful times with my King!

If you are going through a dry season, look up these other desert stories and be refreshed by how our Lord sustains us once again! Draw near to Him, He is waiting for you.

Israelites – Exodus 16
David – Psalm 13, 4, 16
Elijah – 1 Kings 17
Jesus – Mark 8:1-21


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